Chiara’s Experience

Since even before her graduating, Chiara has been successfully following health coaching clients concerned with the most different problems: weight loss, stress management, smoke quitting, difficulties cooking, inability to exercise, problems sleeping.

What do clients achieved with Chiara’s help?

Weight loss, quitting alcohol, starting exercising, better body shape, more energy, less medication intake, regular sleep, less digestion issues, more healthy food, less caffeine, cravings under control, better mind clarity and vitality, more home cooking, less stress at work, career change.

Chiara also works with companies that are concerned with their employees wellbeing, because, after all, a healthy employee is a productive employee. With the help of a wellness coach, companies can offer health talks, cooking demos, fitness classes, office wellness tips and better complimentary snacks and drinks to their employees, increasing their moral and creating a better working environment. Chiara worked with some of the most renowned and avant-garde international schools on special events such as food day, food revolution day, teaching the students how to prepare wholesome meals that are delicious and easy to make.

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