10 herbs that heal

I’d like to share this great infographic about the healing properties of herbs.

I can always tell how health conscious people are by the number of spices and herbs in their kitchen; my personal favourite are cinnamon and turmeric (or curcumin – the yellow of the curry). I use them on anything, also in the oat cookies under my brand.

They both have anti-inflammatory properties and are great to combat ‘silent inflammation‘.

Silent inflammation is a type of inflammation that can occur in our bodies, but, unlike common inflammations, this does not send any pain signal to our brain so that we are not able to take care of it timely. Imagine having an injury to your leg and keep running on it.

The biggest problem with it is that, chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hope you all will start using spices, instead of salt, to savour your food and heal from the inside!


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