Y MOR ME? by Jack Cosson



“The memory of all memories”


Shortly after a 7 day Vipassana meditation retreat in Southern Thailand, words just starting surfacing from nowhere…these words would ultimately become the heart of the book I wish to share with you all called: “Y MOR ME?”

It all started with the very title of the book. One day while I was day dreaming, for no particular reason or so I thought back then, I took the word “Memory” and started playing with its syllables. To my surprise, the word memory had an intrinsic message for me…I came up with Ymorme? Or by converting it into full words: Why More Me? It may seem nothing but a simple question, and one that may not make much sense…but for me it would be the sentence to set me eternally free.

I came to the conclusion that memory is the cause of my reality, of “me”. Think about it, without memory every moment would be a new one…we wouldn’t even exist, I mean the physical body and the mind would, but our self-identities would disappear, as they are all based on memories. Everything we do on a daily basis is rooted in memory. We only know how to do daily activities because we have memories of them, creating habits. We know people, their personality and life stories because of memory. The past and future can also only exist thanks to memory. The dualistic nature we live by, the “good” and the “bad” experiences, is also a creation of the memory.

After realizing the previous, new questions arose from pure curiosity…

Was there anything beyond memory, beyond my perception of life and self-identity, beyond little “me”?

What would happen if decided to let go of my memory, if it was possible at all? Could I live without it?

Could I transcend the dualistic reality I had always believed to be the ultimate truth?


The book “Y MOR ME?” is the answer to all these questions and more…

I have chosen to leave the price of the book open, so you can freely donate what you feel is right. All donations will go towards further sharing of the message of this book.

Thank you!

Jack Cosson




6 thoughts on “Y MOR ME? by Jack Cosson

  1. I feel Jack’s wonderful presence in every word in his valuable book of life wisdom.
    It comes in a place (state) of Being. Absolutely coherent!❤

  2. Fantastic book that give some clues to be in peace with oneself so you can be in peace with everyone that is around you.
    Congratulations Jack Cosson

  3. I love the last quote. Just beautiful.

    This is brilliant Jack. Full of useful tips and ideas.

    You have a magnetic a soul and the world is a better place with you in, especially when you share. Keep shining and sparkling in all crazy sorts of directions beautiful. 🙂

  4. The “Carousel of Happiness” is a roundabout with endlessly directions. These infinite paths are our main objectives in life, what we believe is fundamental for us. The meaning of life is dedicated to spreading joy to those who ride in this Carousel and it is meant to be for all kind of people and with their special needs.
    This Law of Cause and Effect will bring us “good or bad results in our good or bad deeds while our own deeds will bring us our own results”. These three worlds are our past, our present and our future and are applicable everywhere and it never changes…
    That is why we are living in “this Carousel of Life” to obtain happiness. Without knowing the cause of our favourable or unfavourable fates, we cannot be happy.

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