5 perfect snacks for early morning workouts

If you are anything like me, you might have realised too that if you don’t get your workout in before breakfast and work, you might not get it in at all.

Benefits of exercising in the morning are multiple: from better cardiovascular impact to increase daily energy, from using your hormones to your advantage to boosting your metabolic rate, just to name a few.

But most of us fail to have great workouts in the morning for 2 main reasons: 1) going to bed too late at night, and 2) trying to complete a workout on an empty stomach.

While is really up to you to turn off the computer / tv and try to get some deserved ZZZZ’s, I can definitely help with the second one.

20/30 minutes max fasted cardio is a popular practice for athletes that are trying to shed the last bit of fat and can be beneficial once in a while, however, for long mornings Z1/Z2 workouts and strength training, it is essential to fuel your body to get the best results. Not eating before a workout (to skip the calories, most times) can lead to head-lightness and fatigue and muscle loss.

With such a short time before the day starts, it is important to have some food that is quick to eat and won’t give stomach distress. We are looking around 150 to 300 kcal max, so that we are ready to go in 20/30 minutes, the time you need to get your gear and essentials up.

Depending on the type of early morning workouts, you might want to try some of below ideas:

Oats with banana, almond butter and cinnamon: This snack have a good combination of complex and simple carbohydrates so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your routine. It gives you both types of carbs, some protein and fats with the bonus of being super easy to digest. Not time to make it in the morning? Try soaking the oats the night before in your serving cup and enjoy out of the fridge in the morning.

La Holista’s Protein Sport Balls: the healthy sugars from dates provide that quick energy boost while the peanuts will keep insulin levels from dropping mid-workout. Inexpensive and practical, these can be kept outside the fridge, on the side of your bed for example, (just watch for ants, they love them!). Or keep them in the fridge, close to your water bottle and enjoy them chilled, everybody’s favourite!

La Holista - Protein Sport Balls

Greek yogurt: although I am not a huge promoter of dairy, I know yogurt can be the only ideal breakfast food for most of you. Then choose wisely; a sugar-free, low-fat version of it is the best way to go. Add some raisins and pumpkin seeds for added energy and testosterone boosts.
Smoothie: not a fan of food that early in the day? Well, you gotta try something liquid then; blend half a banana, some vegan protein powder, water and ice and enjoy a quick snack that won’t be heavy on your stomach.
Coconut water and chia seeds shot: and finally, if yoou want to fuel like the Tarahumara, prepare a bottle with coconut water and chia seeds the night before the training; if you need an extra kick, add some macha powder and enjoy fresh in the morning.What’s your biggest struggle with morning training? Comment below for a chance to win a box of La Holista’s Protein Sport Balls.

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