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These are just some of the amazing comments and clients testimonials La Holista keep receiving from their lovely followers.

Thank you all very much! This is a selection of Health Coaching, shopping tour and F&B consulting clients.

‘My husband and I had the Food Tour with Chiara and it was unexpectedly fun, interesting and also a learning experience. Even though we go to the super market every week, the truth it that we do not pay much attention to what we buy, and we tend to buy the same products all the time. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge and dedication. Once in the supermarket, Chiara took us to every ally and checked the options we had, the decisions we are making and how that plays in role in the our bodies. It was unexpected to stop and analyze the information in the labels for two reasons: it was fun to do as well as easy to get. It was also interesting to see so many alternatives that are convenient to implement. We both learned and became more curious about trying new things. We have committed ourselves to slowly explore new possibilities for own sake … health!!!’

‘I had several friends attend your vegan cheese workshop yesterday and loved it! My boyfriend was telling them about these yummy snacks I bought him and a yummy green smoothie I made him and it all came together they were all talking about you and La Holista!’ – Natasha from Universal English Center.

‘Thank you Chiara, we really enjoyed and I will recommend your services as a Health Coach to my friends!’ – Carlos and Ivonne

‘I thought I should drop you an email to check in but also to start thinking ahead about how I move forward from here. I have now been following the clean eating, vegan and gluten free diet for a month and it has been wonderful. Apart from a few silly moments when I have eaten things that I know I shouldn’t I haven’t had a single issue with my gall bladder and most importantly, absolutely no pain. This has been a huge deal for me. I didn’t even dream that this plan could be so effective and on top of that I have had great benefits like losing 4 kilos, sleeping better, not feeling tired and run down and generally just feeling happier and more energetic.’ – Rosie W. after 1 session and purchase of Nourishing Weight Loss

‘I really enjoyed the HCM shopping tour this morning. I feel a renewed interest in cooking once again!.’ – Michelle D.

‘Chiara’s healthy shopping tour is a real gem; so many suggestions about products’ use and discovery of many many healthy food I didn’t know about.’ – Luise

‘Working with Chiara helped me reach my health and weight loss goal and now I am 12 kg lighter; I stopped starving myself and started filling my tummy with nourishing whole food’. – Sarah

‘I’m extremely grateful for everything Chiara tough me. I eat so much healthier now and feel so much better thanks to her.’ – Amelie P.

‘Thanks to Chiara’s excellent job, we have now some incredibly tasty healthy options for our clients. We have now more traffic and we are more popular than ever, thanks to the gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan option we have now in the menu.’ – F&B

‘Chiara’s health coaching programme is not rocket science – I knew what I needed to do to be more healthy. It was her inspiration, motivation and sometimes more than a gentle push that was necessary to get me on a sustainable path to healthy living. If you ever felt like it was just too difficult to change your habits, to adopt a better way to live, to finally get an exercise regime, I strongly recommend Chiara’s judgement-free health coaching programme giving you all the information and encouragement you need to be and stay happy with your body.’ – Bianca G.

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  1. I contacted Chiara after having had digestive problems for almost a year (mostly stomach pains, nausea, vomiting and extreme bloating). I’d been to see doctors several times and had lots of tests and tried not eating different foods, but nothing had helped – I’d just lost weight and felt tired all the time. Chiara informed me about how I could change my diet to manage my symptoms – and after strictly following her advice all my symptoms disappeared within a week! Now I am finally feeling healthy and I am so much happier. I am really grateful for everything she taught me.

  2. I lately gained 6 kg in less than 3 months and started having nutrition problem regarding my relationship with food. I was nauseated by food in general, skipping breakfast, having a early and unhealthy lunch and starving to dinner. I also tried to lower the carbo intake, skip dinner but the result was more and more kilos. I was clearly lost. Chiara helped me, fist of all to have a clear knowledge of food and its nutrition values and to choose better food for myself and helped me to explore new alternative of food when I was tired of the same dishes.
    I feel I have now a healthier relationship with food as in terms of nutrition and joy. Also, I have been loosing weight without thinking constantly about food, Now I do not starve myself between meals, I enjoy my food and eat healthier. I am really grateful to Chiara: sharing her knowledge she gave me the tools to find my way.

  3. I attended a cooking class on salads from Chiara in my office. I really enjoyed it as it made me discover a whole new world of ingredients and flavours which I was not even aware of.

  4. As someone who is already passionate about holistic and plant-based nutrition, I wondered whether there was anything new I could learn from a health coaching session with Chiara this morning. It turns out that she was full of delightful ideas to help me upgrade the quality of my nutrition and food preparation, all delivered in the form of easy-to-implement tips and planning ideas. No matter what your “level,” La Holista is a wonderful resource that everyone can benefit from. Five stars!

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