Eat like me: Pascale Fioretti


We are launching a new segment to help you get new ideas on what to eat on a plant-based healthy diet. Enjoy our first blog post!

La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Profile

Name: Pascale Fioretti

Nationality: French

Occupation: Co-owner of La Holista Co., Ltd.

Diet philosophy:

Pascale says: ‘I started eating a plant-based diet 5 years ago for ethical reasons. Taking a course on “Animal Ethics & Welfare” was the trigger, opening my eyes to the reality behind modern animal farming, nutrition, and how we do not need animal proteins to survive and be healthy, actually just the opposite.

At the beginning of this year, after reading a couple of books on grains and wheat, I decided to go wheat and grain-free. This change meant that I had to naturally increase my vegetable, starch, and legume intake and I feel so much better for it. So in nutshell, I eat vegetables, starches, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits – fresh and dried, and spices.

I believe in eating organic fresh produce whenever possible, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) as an alternative.

Over a month ago, I decided to follow a 10 hour intermittent fasting plan to reduce time spent digesting and give my body more time for other important bodily functions. In practice, this means that if I start eating at 7:30 – my after-workout shake on week-days – I will have my last meal the latest at 17:30. I noticed an increase in energy but also less cravings. On most days I naturally eat less without feeling food deprived, something I never thought would happen as I used to snack all day.

I consume around 2 litres of water a day. I own a Kangen Water machine that provides filtered alkaline ionised water and avoid as much as possible buying plastic bottles: first to reduce my carbon-footprint, but also to avoid giving money to companies that have a negative environmental and social impact like Nestle (La Vie), PepsiCo (Aquafina), and Coca Cola (DASANI). When out and with no water left, I’ll go first for a coconut water (using my own bamboo straw) or tea before I buy a water bottle.

I feel better, stronger, and find it a lot easier to exercise (5 times a week these days) since I started my vegan journey. All in all, very happy with my diet.

La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Postworkout Post morning workout: 1 tbsp pea protein powder, 1 tbps chia pudding, 1 tsp of camu camu, which is high in antioxidants and vitamin C.
La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Breakfast Breakfast: 2 x La Holista’s Energy Balls and homemade coconut milk with fresh coconut meat using a bamboo straw, Pascale feels strongly about straw wastage and carries her beloved straw everywhere she goes, and I am not even joking. 🙂
La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Lunch Lunch: Organic pumpkin, organic sweet potatoes, organic carrots homemade red lentil curry with organic turmeric & curry powders.
La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Snack Snack: Local baby bananas with unhulled tahini and organic cinnamon.
La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Dinner Dinner: Red lentils stew with organic turmeric, nutritional yeast, paprika, and black pepper.
La Holista - Eat Like Me Pascale Fioretti Drinks Water: 2 liters / day.

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