FOOD THAT’S GOOD! Healthy Snack Box

Snacking has now become both healthier and easier. Filled with all natural, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free delicious treats, FOOD THAT’S GOOD Healthy Snack Box is a chance to discover something new and tasty.

Ideal for offices, families, and singles alike, these snacks are based on wholesome, high energy, natural ingredients.

Give your employees the perks that other top companies like Facebook and Google give their employees…without a big budget and hassle-free.

Give your family the comfort of ready healthy delicious snacks.

For each box purchased, the company donates 10,000 VND to A.R.C. – Animal Rescue & Care – a local animal shelter and clinic.

For 1,400,000 VND, you will receive a combination of snacks and meal replacements according to your needs.

Select between:

Office & Home Snack Box

10 Oat Cookies packs (4 cookies each pack)

10 Energy Balls packs (2 energy balls each pack)

4 Meal Replacement Bars (1 bar each box)

Value 1,536,000 VND!!!

Fitness Pack

7 Oat Cookies packs (4 cookies each pack)

7 Energy Balls packs (2 energy balls each pack)

4 Protein Sport Balls Boxes (5 balls each box)

4 Meal Replacement Bars (1 bar each box)

Value 1,578,000 VND!!!

Guilt-Free Snacking Pack

9 Oat Cookies packs (4 cookies each pack)

9 Energy Balls packs (2 energy balls each pack)

9 Vanilla Nice-Cream (1 ice-cream each jar)

1 Protein Sport Balls Boxes (5 balls each box)

Value 1,563,000 VND!!!

Make your own

Chose snacks and meal replacements bars for a total amount between 1,500,000 and 1,600,000 and pay 1,400,000 VND only!

Cookies and meal replacement bars keep in the fridge for 12 days, ice-cream and balls up to 90 days. Everything can be frozen up to 2 months. Nutritional info here.

Free delivery to D2. For orders to other districts a delivery fee of 20,000 VND will apply; if farther than 6 km, a 50,000 VND delivery fee will apply. 5% discount for more than 10 boxes purchased altogether. Order your box now! 


Get FOOD THAT’S GOOD, in 3 easy steps!

1. Pick your snack box

2. Select delivery day and 2 hours delivery time range 

3. Enjoy food and share the taste!

Receive the box with delicious snacks for your team and family to enjoy. Share on social media: for every positive referral receive a free Oat Cookie Pack with your next delivery.


La Holista - FOOD THAT’S GOOD! Subscription Snack Box

7 thoughts on “FOOD THAT’S GOOD! Healthy Snack Box

  1. I would like to order 1 Guilt-free Snacking Pack at 1,563,000 VND.

    Please email me at your earliest convenience.


    • Ciao Jennifer, thanks for your comment, we are already looking for biodegradable packaging at the moment. And we ask our returning clients is we can package with less waste and to return our plastic boxes which we recycle.

      Unfortunately is very hard to find sustainable packaging in Saigon that still allow people to see the product inside. If you have any lead, please let us know.
      If you want a plastic free packaging, we can do that for you.

      We consider ourselves already an extremely environmentally friendly company since we do not use any meats, eggs, diary, and palm oil, the most polluting foods on the planet. We also part and collaborating with Green Monday movement and all the other vegan groups and promote this eating lifestyle to our numerous clients making this a bigger impact in Saigon and all Vietnam.

    • Dear Molly, thanks for your message.

      Our Organic Kombucha, Organic Quinoa Salad and Organic Mango Chia are organic as well.

      Organic dates and nuts are almost impossible to find, but you would be very happy to know that our cashews are!:D
      We also only use high quality ingredients for chickpeas and flours, mostly imported from US.

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