Healthy Snacks / Desserts / Meals

Do you often struggle to find or prepare healthy foods for you and you loved ones? Would you like to be able to have convenient and delicious snacks and meals that are also healthy and filling?

Look no more!

La Holista is proud to present their handmade, sugar/wheat/dairy/egg/yeast/soy/msg free healthy snacks, desserts and meals to Saigon! Check our product in our shop, from our famous Oat Cookies and Chocolate Energy Balls to new products like our Protein Sports Balls, Almond Butter, Hummus and Cashew Cheese! The natural and nutrient-dense ingredients of these foods will give you light and constant energy supply, will help you achieve mental clarity, increase focus at work or school and support your athletic performance. All the products are strictly plant-based. The cookies are also nut-free so are optimal for school environment.

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