How to crowd out bad foods

Today we wanted to talk about ‘crowding out’.

People don’t like food being taken away from their diet, that’s why Health Coaches focus on the concept of crowding out. By simply adding healthy foods to your diet, the unhealthy ones will slowly exit it.

A clear example: If your morning breakfast consists of refined flour and deep-fried pork Banh Mi, try to simply add a banana, an apple, or even better some berries to it. You will more likely naturally feel fuller and eat less of the Banh Mi.

Thanks to Dr. Greger, we have now a very easy to understand list of the 12 healthiest items on earth and they are all very cheap and accessible. Find them here below:

1) Beans

Black beans, butter beans, cannellini beans, chickpeas, edamame/soyabeans, peas, kidney beans, haricot, lentils, pinto beans, etc.

2) Berries

Acai berries, barberries (good for acne), blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, goji berries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

3) Other Fruits

Apples, dried apricots, avocados, bananas, clementines, dates, dried figs, kiwi, limes, nectarines, oranges, pears, black plums, pomegranates (with dried fruit it’s recommended to choose the unsulphured varieties).

4) Cruciferous Vegetables

Rocket, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, horseradish, kale, mustard greens, watercress etc.

5) Greens

6) Other Vegetables

Artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, peppers, carrots, sweetcorn, garlic, mushrooms, okra, onions, pumpkin, sea vegetables, snap peas, squash, sweet potato, tomatoes, courgette, etc.

7) Flaxseeds

8) Nuts and Seeds

9) Whole Grains

10) Herbs & Spices

Allspice, basil, bay leaves, cardamom, chilli powder, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, curry powder, dill, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, horseradish, lemongrass, marjoram, mustard powder, nutmeg, oregano, smoked paprika, parsley, pepper, peppermint, rosemary, saffron, sage, thyme, turmeric, and vanilla.

11) Beverages

Black tea, chai tea, vanilla chamomile tea, earl grey tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, hot cacao, jasmine tea, lemon balm tea, matcha tea, almond blossom oolong tea, peppermint tea, rooibos tea, water, and white tea.

12) Not a food, but should still be incorporated is Exercise.

More info and serving sizes can be found here.
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