Pascale’s Experience

Pascale (on the right in the picture below) partnered with Chiara in August 2016. After 13 years in Hospitality, finding it challenging to combine her drive for healthy living, her care for the environment, and her career, she took on Chiara’s offer to jump on board and hasn’t looked back ever since!
Whilst in London, she felt strongly about the importance of good staff management which was overlooked in so many businesses. She became an Executive Coach and brought those newly learnt skills back into the corporation. Away from a solely profit-oriented view of the business, she put her focus on people and knew that improving employees job satisfaction and supporting their individual growth would not only improve team work and team spirit, but also staff retention and the business as a whole.

Since, Pascale added another skill to her repertoire by becoming a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. NLP adds valuable and deeper skills to her coaching practice: by working on thinking, behaviour and language patterns, she can help you create strategies to influence the results you are getting at work and in life.

Feel free to contact Pascale by email or on 090 679 9985 to ask for more information.