Meet Robert West – La HOLISTA’s Sponsored Athlete

We are extremely happy to present the first of a series of Sponsored Athletes by La HOLISTA.

We supply Rob with daily products to train for his triathlons and running races. If you want to know more about Rob, read on.


‘I am honoured to be one of La HOLISTA’s sponsored athletes. I am certainly not a high level athlete, however I have found myself in a position of extremely poor health and fitness knowing I needed to make a change, which I am sure many people can relate to.

As a youngster, I loved sports and spent most of my time either playing football or swimming. However, as I entered my teenage years my enthusiasms for sport were largely diverted towards partying. At university, I grew a penchant for all days drinking and all night partying, going out on a ‘night out’ usually turned into a two-day affair. I also smoked cigarettes and my diet was mostly pizza, chips and crisps.

This lifestyle continued as I started working and moved to Shanghai, with my body now also taking a beating from pollution. It was there that I started to feel real crappy and increasingly hard to function without booze. I knew it was time for a change and I was feeling like a giant hypocrite being a swim coach telling kids to train and be healthy when I was doing the complete opposite.

I had to get active, so I joined a football team, quit smoking, started running and put limits on my weekend excesses. I was also extremely lucky to meet someone passionate about health and learnt that being healthy is not just about being active. I now believe that a person’s health almost solely determined by what is on their plate.

This did not all happen at once, my bad habits were well engrained, but every step I took I began to look and feel better, I had more energy and my work improved. Over the course of 3 years, I have become someone who is passionate about health and fitness. I take great care of my health eating a plant based diet so I am always feeling my best. I have started swimming again, which ultimately lead to taking up triathlon.

I am currently training to compete in the Ironman 70.3 Vietnam and Ironman UK. For anyone unfamiliar with Ironman events, they consist of a 3.8km swim, followed by 180km bike and finished off with a marathon (a 70.3 being half the distances). As one can imagine this involves a lot of training in the 3 disciplines and managing your energy levels through good nutrition is key to ensure you don’t get injured and other aspects of life such as work are not negatively impacted.

Of La HOLISTA products, in addition to Health Coaching, I also use the Protein Sports Balls during the day at work to ensure I get enough calories and so I don’t begin to feel fatigues and run the risk of injury. Typically I try and aim for 3500 calories a day more on the weekends my training sessions are longer. Cacao Energy Balls are perfect as convenient breakfast in the morning if I want to get out quickly for a run or bike before the roads get too busy and the temperature is too high.

Finally, I take the Oat Cookies on my long rides instead of chemical energy gels; they are easy to digest and provide a slower release of carbs to ensure I still have energy if I have to run right after.’



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