Running Coaching


Sport Coaching aims at transforming people into athletes with high levels of fitness, helping them realise their goals and enjoying the experience of training for and completing endurance events. What kind of coaching is most suited to your needs?


Beginner, Suggested Coaching Plan: Private 1-2-1 Coaching

For those requiring a more instructional based approach.


  • Make drastic improvements to your health and fitness
  • Complete your first 5km or 10km run

This plan includes:

  • 1 hour privately coached session
  • Contact through email

Price: $50 per session or book 5 sessions for $200


Intermediate, Suggested Coaching Plan: Online Coaching

For time-crunched athletes looking for an effective training program to balance around a busy work and social life.


  • Take your fitness to the next level
  • Complete a half or full marathon

This plan includes:

  • Personalised program
  • Instructions on: Types of training, Nutrition, Rest, Periodisation and Tapering
  • Contact through email

Price: $50 per month or book 6 months for $250


Advanced, Suggested Coaching Plan: Premium Coaching Package

For those with lofty goals who are ready to dedicate themselves to achieving them.


  • Work towards a PB in either a half or full marathon
  • Complete an ultramarathon or trail race

This plan includes:

  • Personalised Program
  • Weekly coached session
  • Specific instructions on: Types of training, Nutrition, Rest, Periodisation and Tapering
  • Daily contact through email and Whats App

Price: $500 for a 3-month package or $900 for a 6-month package (full refund should you wish to discontinue after the first 30 days)


Group Coaching

For businesses, teams or groups of friends wishing to improve in the same sport or prepare for the same race.

This plan includes:

  • Private group coached session
  • Group contact through email and/or WhatsApp

Please enquire for price and availability.

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