School Healthy Living Activities

Healthy Cooking Clubs:

To international schools, Chiara Squnzi provides healthy nut-free treats classes that are fun and innovative, engaging the kids to experiment (and love) healthy plant-based foods. The ultimate goal of those classes is to give real dietary guidelines to students so they can let go of the obsolete USDA food pyramid and food conception in which meat, dairy and sugar are the main elements of each meal. In addition, she stresses the importance of spreading the message within the family so that the health benefits can reach siblings and parents too.


Yoga & Mindfulness:

Chiara Squinzi is also a yoga teacher and meditation facilitator and can help schools introduce these powerful techniques to the students to improve flexibility, core strength and most of all, discipline and consciousness.

Pupils meditating in lotus position on desk in classroom at the elementary school

Hiking Trips:

La Holista Co., Ltd. also organise hiking and farm trips for students & teachers to learn more about nature, wildlife, outdoor living and teamwork.

La Holista - Hikes

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