Our Services

La Holista Co., Ltd. is a Holistic Health & Wellness Company founded by Chiara Squinzi, Italian Functional Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach, Vegan Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, and managed with Pascale Fioretti, an experienced Hospitality professional, NLP & Executive Coach.

We offer wholesome foods & drinks, lunch delivery services, cooking classes, hikes, retreats, after-school activities, documentary screenings, corporate consulting, public speaking & events. 

With regard to the services offered by Chiara Squinzi:

To individuals, Chiara practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that she focuses on healthy whole simple foods and looks at how all other areas of the client’s life are connected. Stress, relationships, sleep or low energy and exercising are all as important as the food he or she ingests. During the health coaching programs they will set appropriate wellness goals and work together to achieve them for a more fulfilling and happy life.

To corporates, Chiara offers Wellness Days or Wellness Programs focused on improving the health and lifestyle behaviours of employees and leaders WITHIN the company. She achieves incredible results by teaching them how to eat and drink healthily during working hours, how to increase physical activity, how to stop smoking and how to reduce stress, with the ultimate goal being to increase company’s productivity and employees’ health and happiness.

To international schools, Chiara provides healthy, nut-free treats, cooking classes that are fun and innovative and engaging kids to experiment (and love) healthy plant-based foods. The main goal for these classes is to give real dietary guidelines to kids so that they can let go of the obsolete USDA food pyramid and food conception in which meat, dairy and sugar are the main elements of each meal. In addition, she stresses the importance of spreading the message within the family so that health benefits can reach siblings and parents too.

To F&B establishment, Chiara offers menu design and chefs/cooks training to create delicious and inexpensive healthy juices, smoothies, sweets and other snacks, all low in calories and rich in taste.

With regard to the services offered by Pascale Fioretti: 

To individuals, Pascale offers NLP Coaching, which is considered one of the most effective practices used to support people in changing their limiting beliefs and achieving their full potential. Pascale will help you bring awareness to the thought patterns that are not serving you and re-train your brain in order to become who you really want to be.

To corporates, Pascale offers Executive & NLP Coaching to groups and individuals, and tailor-made customer service staff training. With 13 years experience in Hospitality – including 12 years in London, up to GM level – Pascale can support any front facing and back of house team improve their interpersonal and communication skills for better team work and overall business performance.

To international schools, Pascale offers public speaking to all age groups on topics such as the environment, plastic and industrial food health-related issues, the power of one, wildlife and animal welfare.