The secret benefits of cold showers

When we think of cold showers, we think of something wrong in the house and we know that we have to suck it up and just go trough with it, but for the past months (it might be because of the summer heat or because of my trip to Nepal), I started taking cold showers on purpose.

The benefits of cold showers are tons:

Environmental and economical

Hot water is heated by a boiler, therefore electricity is often used. By skipping on the hot water, you help the environment and your bill.

Water waste

You might not know, but an average shower with running water (how many of you shut the water to soap their bodies, huh??) consumes about 80 liters of water. Eighty! That’s 4 of those office dispenser water bottles, each day, maybe twice, for 29,000 days. Each person. That’s a lot.

780 million people lack access to clean water, and by 2050 we will all be in a water crisis, and what do we do? We wash our bodies with it. Or we throw it on our heads (I won’t even start on this matter!). Taking cold shower will make you take shorter showers and save water.

Health benefits

If saving the planet wasn’t enough, here are the health reasons why gasping under cold water is one of the best thing you can do:

– Cold showers improve blood circulation – with cold temperatures, blood flows to your organs for protection to keep them warm.

– Cold showers improve mood – cold showers can stimulate noradrenaline secretion in the brain, which is associated with improving mood.

– Cold showers increase immune strength – those who take cold showers typically exhibit higher white blood cell counts as well as higher concentrations of plasma, T helper cells, and lymphocytes.

– Cold showers increase testosterone levels – a fat burning and muscle building hormone.

– Cold showers increase metabolism and promote fat loss – the cold temperature forces your body to re-regulate its temperature continually, which utilises many calories. They can also activate “brown fat”, which is a sort of good fat that helps generate heat, increase your metabolism and burn the white fat.

– Cold showers improve breathing – by forcing you to breath regularly even under a stressful experience. For all the yogis out there, try it to believe it!

– Cold showers are nicer right after workout, both for the refreshing feeling and the good effect on your muscles, this will make you want to sweat everyday.

So, now that I convinced you to try, how can you do it?

Well, no one is asking you to stand or lay 10 minutes in cold water, that would be too much and really not that healthy, so you can follow this two basic methods:

1- the navy shower: it is a method of showering that consists in an initial thirty seconds or so to get wet, followed by soap and lather without running water, which is then followed by a minute or less of rinsing. The total time for the water being on is typically under two minutes.

2 – the Indian shower: all you need is a bucket full of water and a plastic pitcher to pour the water over your body. I like this method much more, it’s easier because you only have a few moments during which cold water is running down on you and you can direct it better on the parts that need to get wet.

Let me know when you took your first cold shower in the comments below!


52. The secret benefits of cold showers

2 thoughts on “The secret benefits of cold showers

  1. Hi, and thanks for the interesting reading. I’d like to ask you if you’ve studied anything about evolutionary biology and its connection to the cold showers.

    In other words, it makes sense to me that people should take cold showers since we have evolved for millions of years without water boilers.

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