The ultimate nurishing vegan and gluten-free eating plan for weight loss E-book is coming out soon

Did you ever wonder if there is a way to lose weight without eating animal protein and wheat at every meal?

Chiara Squinzi, experience Health Coach and Yoga Teacher has created this incredible E-book to help you with your weight loss efforts!

The book contains:

– Intro on dieting and why low calories diets don’t work in the long run

– Weight loss secrets that are practical and easy to follow

– A complete mix and match eating plan that allow you to create thousands of different meals daily and focuses on delicious snacks

– A diet plan that will help your body detox from animal products and chemicals

– An extensive condiment and shopping list to help you reach your goals

– More than 50 vegan snacks recipes that are easy and cheap to make at home

– Additional breakfast recipes to start the day in the best way

– A simple workout plan that you can do at home without the need of any tool

Pre-order now by writing to Chiara!


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