The top 12 vegan products & initiatives in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

We handpicked the top 12 vegan products & places for you to try in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).

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tumblr_mq8f40s6jO1rs63n2o2_r1_1280 12. Marou Chocolate Bars, MAROU crafts the finest single origin Vietnam dark chocolate while working directly with local cacao farmers, sourcing 100% local ingredients.
10984604_1074095805963892_7384385419514663132_n 11. Tempeh – Đậu nành lên men, tmpeh is a dish originating from Indonesia’s Java island. Also known as fermented soybeans taste very characteristic; delicious, and rich in protein.
18403627_1882298728648494_7543135034650096556_n 10. Grain Milk100% nutritious plant-based milk from grains and nuts.
18423980_424311681295076_4968715260884025542_n 9. Vietcoco Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
12400995_1754677324818666_1495015060699319636_n 8. Dekara Collection Organic shower & bath soaps
14184518_1822580261310822_1129767967000463431_n 7. Saigon Vegan Festival, an annual festival, focusing on anything that makes people healthier, wealthier and happier in a RIGHT way.
18121058_455017371508719_8909545505426882425_o 6. Mandala Juice, cold-pressed, organic or G.A.P. fresh juices in recycled glass bottles.
17342571_1855710584681673_9086562556888582582_n 5 .Sunfood Products at Organik shop
htg 4. Honest to Goodness at Nam An
12390880_931677506923464_3845545820198213200_n 3. Green Monday Vietnam, make a commitment to reduce the consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products one day a week, and instead choose a healthy, environmentally friendly, compassionate plant-based diet. Very active with local restaurants, shops and international schools.
14917013_1322799771117535_8557174952295018665_o 2. Bánh Gạo Lức Bà Tích, crackers made with freshly ground brown rice, stevia, no tapioca or potato starch added.
18558709_1324912524251305_1746484528328116351_o 1. Kashew Cheese, KASHEW Artisan Nuts Cheeses are made from fine cashew nuts, fermented, healthy & nutritious, Non GMO, vegan friendly, free of dairy and eggs.




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