Why is it important to consume legumes?

Today we wanted to talk about legumes.

They are delicious and a great addition to EVERY meal. All cultures around the world consume beans, from soy in Asia, to red kidney beans in Africa.

Beans are loved not only for their high plant-protein content but also for these incredible benefits:

– they have an exceptionally low glycemic index,
– they are packed with antioxidants,
– they help lower risk of metabolic syndrome,
– they are extremely rich in fiber and therefore can help lower the risk of colon cancer,
– they are packed with folate which help reduce the risk of depression,
– they are packed with folate phytates, which help reduce the risk of osteoporosis,
– they are associated with a slimmer waist,
– they are associated with lower blood pressure,
– they improve the regulation of blood sugar,
– they improve the regulation of insulin levels,
– they improve the regulation of cholesterol,
– they reduce hot flashes,
– they are extremely inexpensive,
– they are the main ingredient in hummus, this alone should be a selling point!

Legumes include:

  1. Alfalfa sprouts,
  2. Azuki beans (or adzuki),
  3. Bean sprouts,
  4. Black beans,
  5. Black-eyed peas,
  6. Borlotti bean,
  7. Broad beans,
  8. Chickpeas / Garbanzos,
  9. Green beans,
  10. Kidney beans,
  11. Lentils,
  12. Lima beans,
  13. Mung beans,
  14. Navy beans,
  15. Pinto beans,
  16. Runner beans,
  17. Split peas,
  18. Soy beans,
  19. Peas,
  20. Snap peas.

Have you tried them all?!

Pick one that you’ve never eaten before and give it a go this week! Our favourite? Chickpeas of course! We make a mean Classic Hummus with them!

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