Puxi Run and Ho’ Run are comprised of groups of lovely girls that loves running; our aim is to create a just-for-girls running community in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City.

Puxi Run meet every Monday evening at 8 p.m. at the restaurant Isolabella at the entrance of Xuhui River Park.

Ho (Chi Minh) Run meet every Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m. close to the pool of Le Van Park in D3. Minimal run, bring only tour keys and phone.

We will participate in running events in and around town. Our goals are no fear and no competition. Just run at your own pace and get inspired by your sistas to reach your best time. We aim to provide all the information about upcoming races in and around Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City to help you with the registering process. We acknowledge the importance of training for an event, as it gives you great motivation! So, yes, we train to perform – but it’s not mandatory.

Upcoming races:

Da Nang International 5k, 10k , Half Marathon and Marathon on Aug 31st, 2014 – Vientam

The city of Da Nang is ready to invite you once again to the most beautiful and exotic beach town of Viet Nam.  Your quest of endurance will be fulfilled by one of the most magnificent marathon course in South East Asia!

Let’s bring the world closer … one marathon at a time!

Yangcheng Lake Run on Sep 13th, 2014 – China

Building on last year’s success, RunnersHai have enhanced the 5 and 10K lake view routes and will make the Yangcheng Lake Run a perfect running experience. This year’s run will be even more family friendly with a social 2.5K children run on the safe trails of the organic farm.

Mountain Marathon 10k, 21k, 42k, 70k on Sep 20th, 2014 – Vietnam

Vietnam Mountain Marathon is the result of a lifelong love of running and a fascination with Vietnam. The small dirt roads and narrow trails will take you through the beautiful mountain ranges of Hoang Lien National Park and valleys that are usually closed territory to all but the few people living there.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure – run through the rice fields and speed through breath-taking valleys, cross bamboo bridges, bypass water buffalos, mountain pigs and cheering local children.

2014 Vasque Hangzhou Trailrunning on Nov 9th, 2014 – China

Hangzhou is a runner’s paradise in China. The lake area, while busy at times, is a great place to go for a run and many people do, the hills are accessible from the city center and present some great trails for anyone wanting to get out of the city a bit.

For environment protection and promoting trail runners get used to carry supply by own about 3-4 hours, No water station will be set up in the race, make sure you have a minimum 1L of water/sport drinks . We recommend bringing a ‘camel pack’ with water/sports drinks and a few snacks. It is also ideal for carrying your mobile phone, map, and money. There will be a lot of water/soup/food @ the end.

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 3k, 10k, 21k on Dec 7th, 2014 – Cambodia

This tournament is a race internationally recognized charity for the relief of victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia, the NGO participants from all over the world and running a lot of Japanese enthusiasts, we make up in 1996. There is great international races that can run inside the ruins of Angkor a World Heritage Site, landmine victims has been more attendance.


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