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Started to eat healthier, but need some help with breakfast, snacks and treats? Science has proven that you eat what is convenient for you, and there’s nothing more convenient than a Healthy Surprise Pack being delivered to your door on Saturdays!

That’s right: subscribe to our delicious and discounted Healthy Surprise Pack Delivery Service and get your health on autopilot. Learn also to try and love new foods!

What you put in your body is the most important aspect of your health. That’s why we choose only the highest quality ingredients that meet our strict exclusionary ingredient policy.

Our goal is to “wow” you with incredible products made with the highest quality ingredients, not to trick you into buying something you don’t want or need. That’s why we allow you to change your order frequency (or cancel) at any time.

Our subscription pack makes it fun and easy to eat healthy. Every Saturday morning or early afternoon, you will receive a pack full of breakfast items, snacks, spreads, breads, ad desserts.


Every week our Health Coach puts together a new list for your pack. We believe that you are what you put in and on your body, which is why we strive endlessly to find products that meet our high quality standards.





350,000 VND PER WEEKLY PACK, includes products of that value or more, plus delivery fee. This is a weekly service that will carry on until you inform us you would like to pause or stop.

Free delivery to D2; for orders to other districts, a delivery fee of 20,000 VND will apply if less than 6km away from Thao Dien; if farther than 6 km, a 50,000 VND delivery fee will apply.

Delivery between 9am and 1pm, times can be customised.

Please let us know about any allergy or intolerance.

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