12 Steps to Better Health

Here below 12 steps for achieving a better health; you do not need to follow the steps in any order, just pick one and then go onto another when you’re ready and feel you have achieve the previous.

You could tackle one new step a day, a week, or a month to work on it… I will send you monthly tips and suggestions on how to achieve great benefits from each of them:

1- Drink more water

2- Practice cooking

3- Increase whole grains

4- Increase sweet vegetables

5- Increase leafy greens vegetables

6- Experiment with protein

7- Eat fewer processed food

8- Make a habit of nurturing your body

9- Have healthy relationships

10- Enjoy regular physical activity

11- Find work you love

12- Develop a spiritual practice

Today we’re younger than we ever gonna be; let’s take care of ourselves together!

3. 12 Steps to Better Health

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