4 easy daily choices that will really make a difference


Today we wanted to talk about the easy choices we can make daily that will really make a difference.  
We all know that the way we spend our money will either support or hinder the planet ecosystems and our future as a species. Decisions are not in the hands of a few – corporations and governments; decisions are in our hands. We have the choice to either support businesses that care about the environment, our health and our future, or the ones that don’t. If we want a better future, we need to send the right message to businesses by spending our money wisely. 
A few easy things that will contribute to reduce your carbon footprint: 


1) Whenever possible buy products that come “naked” (packaging-free). 
If you order on our online shop, you have the option to come and collect from our Central Kitchen in Thao Dien with your own containers and receive a 5% discount. 
If you need a home or office delivery, drop us a line to see if we can arrange for our driver to deliver the food in our own containers with the option to transfer everything in your own containers upon delivery, avoiding the use of packaging. We will do our best to accommodate your request!


2) Opt for businesses that recycle empty containers and bottles.
If you cannot avoid the packaging, purchase from companies that have a clear recycling policy in place.
At La Holista Co., Ltd., we pay you back for empty containers and bottles returned to our Central Kitchen – for 10 plastic containers returned in good conditions, you will receive a pack of Raw Banana Chips, and 2,000 VND per empty bottle of Organic Kombucha, Wholesome Sports Gel & Coconut Syrup or Water Kefir


3) Always carry a reusable bag with you. 
At La Holista Co., Ltd., we only use paper bags or WAVE Eco-Solutions100% biodegradable cassava bags to ship your orders. However, there is an even better way to reduce your carbon footprint and that’s by not using any single-use bags at all. 
Whenever possible, if you can receive your order home or use your own reusable carry bag upon delivery, please make a note when placing your order and ask for no bag. Every little bit helps!

4) Spend your $ at local food & beverage businesses that care.
If you want to take picking a restaurant to the next level, give this app a shot! The Fair Food Forager app makes ethical eating easy: you can search sustainable businesses near you or search by clicking on the sustainability icons, like “vegan”, “reduced plastic” or “local produce”, and find places you’ll want to give your money to. You can also add your favourite “green” restaurants, because sharing with the community is caring! 

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