An Orgasm a Day – 30 days challenge

1. Stress & fear emotions are deactivated during orgasm

2. Oxyton released – reduce cravings for sweets

3. Estrogen released – healthier heart and softer skin

4. Increased body DHEA – improve brain, heart, metabolism

5. Orgasm can cure clinical depression

6. 2 orgasms a week makes you look 10 years younger

7. A brain on orgasms looks like a brain on heroin

8. After glow – orgasm release skin-nourishing oils

9. More sex – live longer

10. Why not? It’s free, it’s natural and it’s fun.


Additional one: throw grumpiness out the window and makes you giggle!

Find all the info here!

31. An Orgasm a Day - 30 days challenge


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