Anti-Inflammatory Nuts

Today we wanted to talk about the best anti-inflammatory nuts!Do all these anti-inflammatory plant foods actually have an impact on mortality linked to inflammatory disease though? A recent study in Australia reported some interesting findings after following about 2,500 older adults and their diets for 15 years. During that time, about 200 died of inflammatory diseases. And so, the researchers tried to work out what it was about the survivors’ diet that seemed to help the most, and it was nuts.

Half a walnut a day appeared to cut the risk of dying from inflammatory disease in about half. In the study, “increasing the consumption of nuts by as little as 1.4 g[rams a day]”—that’s about half the weight of a penny—”was associated with a reduced 49% risk of dying from chronic inflammation-related diseases.” That’s like one almond a day.

Fish consumption didn’t seem to do a thing. “Our data indicate a protective role of nuts, but not fish, against inflammatory disease mortality.” Full source here.

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What a delicious way to fight inflammation! 😀

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