Are Fat Really Healthy?

Today we wanted to talk about ‘dietary fat’.

With the spread of Ketogenic diet, people are more and more stuffing their face with high-fat animal foods, but is it healthy?

The body uses fat primarily for energy storage when no food or other immediate source of fuel is available, and cholesterol is needed for many critical cellular functions, so both are part of a normal, healthy body. Having said that, the body produces all the cholesterol it needs; and as for fat, plants already contain adequate amounts and only plants make the essential fatty acids your body needs to function. What’s more, plant foods never contain cholesterol.

Animal foods, on the other hand, provide too much fat, especially the most harmful kind (saturated fat), which damages the arteries and causes heart disease and stroke. Beef derives 60% – 80% of its calories from fat; pork, 80% – 95%; chicken, 30% – 50%; and fish, 5% – 60% percent. Meat is also rich in cholesterol. A 3 1/2 ounce serving of beef contains 85 mg of cholesterol; pork 90 mg; mackerel fish 95 mg; turkey 83 mg; tuna 63 mg; and chicken (skinned-white) 85 mg.

What about oils?

An oil has been refined by using chemicals that are harmful to us. It may mean that oil was treated with acid, or purified with an alkali, or bleached. Oil is to fat what refined sugar is to carbs and should be kept to a minimum.

That’s why we recommend fuelling on high quality carbs like wholegrains, starches, beans, and veggies, and use only high quality high-fat whole foods, such as nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives; these foods are not only delicious but also health promoting.

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