Benefits of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the amazing things I achieved in 2012; few days ago I celebrated the 6 months ‘anniversary’. It’s seems so easy now, but that September 6th I was pretty scared i would fail.

To remind myself I am better off cigarettes, I still do some researches and here it is a summary of the good things that happen to your body once you stop smoking:

Within 8 hours

carbon monoxide level drops in your body
oxygen level in your blood increases to normal


Within 48 hours

your chances of having a heart attack start to go down
your sense of smell and taste begin to improve


Within 72 hours

your bronchial tubes relax and make breathing easier
your lung capacity increases


Within 2 weeks to 3 months

your blood circulation improves
your lung functioning increases up to 30 percent


Within 6 months

your coughing, stuffy nose, tiredness and shortness of breath improve


Within 1 year

your risk of smoking-related heart attack is cut in half


Within 10 years

your risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half


Within 15 years

your risk of dying from a heart attack is the same as a person who never smoked


There are many other good reasons to quit smoking; find your own and just do it.


If you would like to have some support and talk about how to quit smoking, drop me an e-mail and i’ll make sure you’ll be reached.

33. Benefits of quitting smoking


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