Benefits of rock climbing

A few things you need to know before joining the rock climbing community:

  1. Learn climbing lingo
    Each sport has its own special terms and phrases. This happens naturally simply because in fast-paced and tiring situations, athletes don’t want to waste too much effort on talking. The same goes for rock climbers – they have developed their own climbing lingo. Sometimes, all it takes it a single word to tell your buddies what to do. While training, especially for beginners, it’s crucial to be able to understand your fellow climbers. This is not a sport where your hand will be held step-by-step; you learn primarily through verbal communication. Therefore, it’s important to search and learn as many climbing terms as possible before you start training. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.
  2. Choose the right gear
    You can confidently and comfortably enjoy rock climbing if you are in the right gear. There is also nothing more important than your safety, which makes choosing the right gear a must-do before starting to climb. Aside from the harness, belay device, rope, and locking carabiners, a good pair of climbing shoes can significantly improve your performance and safety. Climbing shoes are made of rubber and leather designed to be tough and fitted to ensure comfort while climbing. They have increased sensitivity as well, so you’ll know what you’re stepping on when climbing. Here are 12 essentials for beginners.
  3. Slow but steady
    Rock climbing is a fun but very difficult sport. There are many different types of mountains and conditions that will challenge you and require focus and patience. Therefore don’t rush into any climb. First look over the climbing path and think about the kinds of grips that you may use. If you’re still new to the sport, have someone there who can help guide you and offer advice. Even experts fall sometimes, so have patience with yourself and don’t be scared to ask for help.
  4. Make friends
    Climbing is a social activity and as a beginner, you will definitely need advice from more experienced climbers. It will take you longer to truly master climbing if you rely too much on safety equipment. This is much more obvious when you do outdoor climbing. In many forms of outdoor climbing, teamwork is crucial. Group members must communicate with each other in order to successfully navigate the path. This will be especially useful as a beginner – you’ll learn so much from others and you’ll make friends doing it!
  5. Try other varieties
    Most beginners will start off their climbing journey in rock climbing gyms. Indoor climbing is the safest type of climbing. However, you will definitely improve your skills much faster by hitting the real rocks. Besides physical strength and endurance, rock climbing also requires mental toughness, which is much harder to train. By exposing yourself to nature and stepping out of your comfort zone, you will soon find your mental toughness as well as your climbing skills improving. There is so much room for creativity in this sport. So get outdoors and try some new techniques on different climbing paths.