Butchers’ Dirty Tricks

Today we wanted to talk about Butchers Dirty Tricks.

Selling meat is not an easy task, it spoils quickly and it is expensive so there are a few dirty tricks that the butchers use to make the most of this dirty business.

Chiara has a personal insight from when she worked in a butcher shop during the summer in her teenage years.

  • Butchers pack meat on paper or styrofoam, which is an easy technique to sell packaging to the consumer at meat price. Pay attention when purchasing meat.
  • Butchers seal meats when they don’t move very fast; using cling film on meat can make the meat rotten slower and therefore last longer. If your butcher uses a lot of cling film, be careful as it means his meat might not be that fresh.
  • When the meat doesn’t sell immediately, it becomes a gourmet product – skewers with vegetables, schnitzel. You are paying for wooden sticks, bread crumbs, egg wash and old meat at premium price
  • When the meat doesn’t sell immediately, it gets marinated. Not only the marination add weight to the meat, but also hides the rotten smell.
  • When meat has sit out for too long, it becomes mince meat which contains a lot of fat that the consumer eventually end up paying as lean cuts

These are unfair practices and you should look out for them! Don’t buy old products!

It is also extra important to make sure that the meats are not kept in the heat as they grow harmful bacteria and other pathogens very easily (for example meat sold in the street – typically purchased by street food vendors). If you do purchase meat, carry a cold bag to transport it home.

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