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If you are interested in our services and foods, e-mail Chiara or call on +84 81 816 3620 or e-mail Pascale or call on +84 90 679 9985.

Our Central Kitchen is at the end of Duong So 64, House 22a/01 – the building with the black gate behind the white and green house. Duong so 64 is the street opposite Tropic Garden tennis courts. The courts should be on your right with Nguyen Van Huong behind you. Check the map here.

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  1. Hi there! I am sorry my question doesn’t relate health coaching services, it is about running in D3. I have seen the post in your blog, but it was uploaded in 2014 and maybe it is not relevant anymore. I wonder, are you still running with those girls from Ho’Run? if yes, i would love to join one day for sure! as i missed so much my running crew back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and craving for some little talks during short run.

    Cheers! i hope this e-mail finds you well!

  2. Hi,
    I had a chance to buy a few boxes of your almond butter at Saigon Outcast event. It was very good thus I am looking to buy more. Do you still produce it? Because I couldn’t find it on the website to order.

  3. Can you please provide nutritional information for your products? That would be really, really useful. Thanks

  4. Hello,

    I noticed you had a PURE cleanse on your order form, but I am not seeing any information on the website about this. Can you point me in the direction where I can find more information?


  5. Hey Chiara,
    My name is Amanda Godoi and I live in ho chi minh city. In my school this year students are expected to create something they are passionate about and I chose to write about healthy and smart choices to students. I’m interviewing some people and I would really like if you were one of them, you would only have to answer some questions and that would help a lot with my book.
    Really hope you can be interviewed, thank you and have a good day!

  6. Hi ladies, my name is Simone and we met at the Christmas Baazar recently. I was so happy to find your stand as we have the same ideas when it comes to health and nutrition. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for telling me about Etonhouse at Thao Dien… I have enrolled my son there and in fact he starts tomorrow. I am just in love with Karen and Amanda… all of the staff are exceptional! I am elated that you will be catering the food for the coming New Year as I had planned to pack my sons lunches for him because I do not trust any company to feed him in a healthy manor… but hearing you will be there makes my heart smile and I can feel confidant he will be getting the proper nutrition he needs. I have a small FB page called Everett’s Kitchen and would love your support so please join… it is all about cooking and eating healthy for kids with no gluten, sugar or dairy. I also think my husband and you should connect as he is in the Agriculture sector in Cambodia, starting organic farming, growing a powerful protein packed plant, and doing sustainable farming. I look forward to seeing you both again at either Etonhouse or outside of… I would love the chance to collaborate and learn from you as what you are doing is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for putting me in touch with Karen… My son is beyond excited to start school… And I am so happy to have met the two of you. Keep up the awesome work… the world needs more woman like you!

    • Hi Simone, thanks for your kind message!
      We are so glad you got in touch with Karen and Amanda, they have such an incredible attitude to work and life.
      We just joined the Facebook Group, thanks for sharing.
      We will be at BIS Market this Saturday or always at our Central Kitchen location, 74/1a Nguyen Cu in the mornings, please stop by if you get a chance. We have a mean double chocolate raw cake!!

  7. I’m a parent and your products have recently started being sold in our school. I think it’s a GREAT idea to have alternatives to the yucky chemical-laden snacks the kids normally have. However, your packaging is appalling. Usually people who care about such things as fake foods have an environmental sensibility. Not only is the one-use plastic non-biodegradable, but it is also thick plastic which takes even longer to decompose.
    Why aren’t you looking at packaging alternatives that are more environmentally friendly? Many of your products could be wrapped in banana leaves, paper or other compostable materials. It is so disappointing to see a great product packaged so badly.
    I intend to raise this with our council, as our school is trying to be ‘greener’ and I would personally like to see all the plastic wrappings removed completely, but I thought it only fair to allow a response from you beforehand (to be included in the discussion).

    • Good morning and thank you for reaching out to us!

      We really appreciate your feedback: it’s great to see people as passionate about the environment as you are.

      We are actually very sensitive about how what we do impacts our environment. I (Pascale) turned vegan 5 years ago – so did my business partner Chiara and her fiance 3 years ago – and this decision was also driven by a desire to impact our environment as less as possible. Vegan is really the way forward when it comes to being eco-friendly. Looking at the global emissions by economic sector really shows how we can change our carbon footprint with that simple switch in our diet. Sorry to bother you with facts that I’m sure you’re already familiar with, I just want to show you how we really care, in our business but also in our personal life!

      With regard to our packaging, when I partnered with Chiara last year this was my main objective: finding food grade bio-degradable packaging in Vietnam. She tried already without luck.

      It was easy to find bio-degradable plastic bags but I found only one European company here that offers food grade biodegradable packaging but the minimum order is 200,000 pouch per pouch type. This is a lot for a company like ours that hand-make all our food in our Thao Dien Central Kitchen.

      The cost as you can imagine is a lot higher for bio-degradable but we were ready to take that step as we know that our customers would have understood the price increase to cover this added but vital change.

      I also found a company in South Korea that “only” requires a minimum of 5,000 pouches per pouch type. Sadly bearing in mind our volume, again, this is not an option at present!

      I do hope we develop enough that we can afford to switch to eco-friendly pouches.

      However, and this is why I was so glad to see your message, we have clients like you who are supporting our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and are coming to our Central Kitchen with their BPA-free plastic containers to collect their snacks. We make their food to order, store in the fridge, ready for them to come and collect. We could arrange something similar with the school? If you place the order for your kid, we can agree on a meeting point to deliver the balls and fruit chips to your kid. How does that sound?

      We also do home delivery and offer a 5% discount for direct order when people don’t need packaging. Also, via our main retailer The Organik Shop in Thao Dien we offer a pack of dehydrated fruits for every 10 plastic boxes brought back and 3,000 VND per Water Kefir and Kombucha bottle brought back. Sadly this initiative doesn’t work well, very few people recycle our packaging!

      Package-free home or school delivery would be amazing and I’m sure it would get other parents like yourself to think more about our plastic consumption and the options available to reduce its use.

      Thank you so much for your message again and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Warm regards,

      La Holista team

  8. Dear Sir/Ms,
    Good day.
    This is alisa from Siyuan Stevia Co.,Ltd.
    We are professional stevia manufacturer, our factory have 6600 acres stevia plantations in china.
    We supply stevia to global customers about 2000mt every year.
    We can supply the best quality with competitive price. We have cooperation with many famous dealer. If you need price list and sample please kindly contact me.
    Wish to establish cooperation with your esteemed company.

    With best regards

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your message!! You can collect a group of people and select a topic and we will tailor it for you and come to your place to do the workshop, D7 is fine i am often there. We can discuss more details over emails or phone.

      Alternatively, you can book a Health Coaching Session with me and we can spend it cooking, we usually can make 3 dishes from this list: or you can tell me what you’d like to learn and I will prepare accordingly.

      Why don’t we talk on the phone so I can know better what you are interested in? I will send you an email with my number.

      Chiara Squinzi

  9. Hey,
    is it possible to buy your chocolate or carrot cake just as a piece anywhere around Ho Chi Minh?

    Many thanks

  10. hi
    i am in da nang and hue from feb 28 to march 4 2018 for international medical camp by ssio malaysia-any running event we can join during that period or earlier and later since we are flexible

    • These are the races around March. Dalat Ultra definitely being the highlight!

      MARCH 2018
      25 March, 2018 – Tien Phong Marathon 2018
      17 March 2018 – Dalat Ultra Trail
      11 March 2018 – Spring Race HCMC

  11. Dear la holista team,

    I arrived in Vietnam since 5 months now, I am not a vegeterian but I like to decrease consumption of meat so I find your website very usefull.

    I would like to share with you an adress of Vegeterian (but not only) coffee restaurant. I am not working for them but I am a big client of this place : Santorino coffee & veggies, .

    I think a review about this place could help them being known. They deserve it.

    Let me know,

    Best Regards,

    Alice Juvanon

    • Thanks Alice,

      Very kind of you!!! I am glad we can help with finding good ingredients and places to eat.

      We review more wholesome places usually; this one seems to have a lot of refined foods, like white pasta, bread and tons of cheese.:D:D We don’t consume dairy either.

      What’s your favourite dish there?



  12. Dear La Holista,
    Could I ask for recruitment? Can I apply for a full-time job with a CV at this time? I feel your company has a working environment that suite me. I joined some of your company events and I really admire what you are doing, I want to be apart of your team, and contribute to change our Earth to be a better world. My major is Environmental Biotechnology, but I also learned EQ at life coaching Vietnam. I was a volunteer manager supporter at One Life Connection training and consultancy.
    I can send you my CV online to see if you require it. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much,

  13. Good afternoon 🌞

    I’m opening a small bistro in HCM and would like to carry Kombucha.

    What is your MOQ and your price list?

    Thanks again,


  14. Good day,

    I’m keen to know if one is able to subscribe to a newsletter from your various write up articles? If you do have, I’m unable to locate it using my mobile device, unless its an option best veiwable by PC.

    Furthermore, I throughly enjoy your content, which I must add, that your menu is refreshing and holistically nutritious. I came across your online shop, upon a quick google search for ‘whole wheat bread’ and you ranked first on the google algorithm search.

    Upon checking your menu, which I would say appeals to all tastebuds, it sounds very nutritious, looks extremely mouth watering and made with organic ingredients, providing an obvious choice to try out. As the proverbial saying goes “the proof is in the pudding”, so I’m looking forward to try out some of your products soon.

    Lastly, I find it quite insightful when checking an Instagram post of yours, noting a successful customers anecdotal results, of a before & after meal plan. Its quite a pioneering idea, for a health conscious restaurant to offer nutrition meal plan goals to its customers and having customers note the change, however incremental it is.

    Forgive the long post, I’m just taken back by the amazing effort from your team and the intangible elements you have successfully implemented, which I have no doubt adds to your organic buy-in from your customers.

    Kind Regards,
    Clinton Nel
    [email protected]

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