Cook once, eat twice

Though the majority of us love to cook, we kinda see it as a special occasion in our busy days.. Shopping, washing, chopping, cooking AND cleaning! We don’t have time to do it every day, 3 times a day. Sometimes, all we want is a quick solution to lunch or dinner.

So after hours spent on the stove simplifying my recipies so that I can cook and eat faster, I realized that all I needed to do was to cook big batches of food so that I could have the leftovers later in the week or, even better, transform those leftovers into a totally different meal the next night by adding a few fresh ingredients or different seasonings.

Also, what I felt was working out the best for me was to cook twice the amount of food and prepare the lunch box for the next day straight away. This was helping me practice portion control, save time AND money and I could totally relax after dinner when my duties were finally over..

As you can see, my whole wheat pasta with broccoli in pumpkin soup with baked tofu was the perfect Sunday dinner and Monday lunch. Buon appetito!

6. Cook once, eat twice

6. Cook once, eat twice 2

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