Don’t throw the papaya seeds

So on my way back home today I realized I didn’t have any fruit for my healing green smoothie in the morning so I stopped by the new fruit store in front of my place and the lovely lady (she gives me discounts now), told me she just got splendid papayas in. So I say: ‘what the heck, yes, give me one. Nice chance to get the seeds’. Maybe I’ll eat them, maybe I’ll sprout them, I thought.

Ended up doing half and half.

 – Eating because of the digestive properties of the seeds; check this exhaustive article to know all about it.

– Sprouting, other then the obvious reasons, because I just prepared a healthy raw corner in my kitchen with a sprouting tray and I am looking forward to get creative with it.

Sprouting seeds, nuts, grains and beans is possibly one of the easiest things on earth:

– soak the seeds/nuts/grains/beans you want to sprout in clean, drinkable water for 8 hours or 24 for walnuts;

– discard the water and rinse the seeds with fresh water;

– cover the bowl with the seeds with a lid; it doesn’t have to be air-tight;

– rinse the seeds once a day and cover them again until you see them germinating.

Depending on the seed type, they might take 2 to 5 days to sprout and are better eaten in 3 to 4 days (keep them in the fridge).

Start with mung beans, they are the easiest! As for papaya seeds, apparently the best way to germinate them is to remove the arils surrounding the seeds, rinse them under warm water to remove the juice from the arils and soak them overnight in warm water (discard any seeds that are floating after the soak).

Looking forward to see mine growing.

43. Don't throw the papaya seeds


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