Free from harm

Recently I crossed path with this brilliant video ‘Man’ from Steve Cutts on one of those silly videos channels and it has definitely made quite an impression on me; I have been thinking about it day in and day out.

So, I go back to google it again and right after the youtube links, I find the ‘Free From Harm’ website’s link; I couldn’t have said it better!

This three simple words have been my motto for the past 2 years, where I slowly but uninterruptedly I have been changing my life actions and, therefore, habits to healthier and more sustainable. I can only imagine how many less cows and pigs needed to die because of avoiding this kind of meat, how many chickens I have saved eliminating chicken breast from my diet, how little of the sea I ruined with my 2 times a week only fish new habit, how much less plastic bottles needed to be produces when I switched to glass / reusable bottles, how I don’t feel guilty about the soaps & detergents I use going in the drain cause I know there are not chemicals in them and how good I feel knowing that I use NO petrol and still be able to move around one of the fastest developing cities in the world. And I am still at the at beginning of my journey.

Yes, it is definitely a matter of personal health, I do want to live better and longer, but now I know that it’s a free-from-harm lifestyle that I am looking at and I want to inspire people with.

47. Free from harm


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