High-Frequency Vibrational Foods

Today we wanted to talk about High-Frequency Food.

High-Frequency Foods are those left in their native state, unprocessed, with no chemicals or genetic modifications. HFFs are also grown in abundant sunlight and in nutrient dense soil. Also, try to buy organic food as much as possible. Yes organic food costs more than non-organic food, but it’s worth it! We have written an article about the Top 3 Organic Shops in Ho Chi Minh.

Preparation of High-Frequency Foods is just as important as quality. A meal prepared with love and gratitude not only tastes better it resonates with a higher energy level. A verbal or silent prayer, or giving thanks, reflecting love and gratitude for the HHF meal you are about to eat, will increase the energy in you and around you even further.

By merely changing your diet to include more HFFs your consciousness and health will improve. When this occurs you begin to feel and see the difference, within and around you.

Here below an easy to follow display on how to discover HFFs:

High Frequency (best) -> Low Frequency (worst)

  • Just picked -> fresh -> frozen -> pasteurized, homogenized or processed -> artificial
  • Raw (alive) -> steamed -> boiled -> microwave (beyond dead)
  • Biodynamically farmed -> organically farmed -> conventionally farmed, non GMO-> GMO

This is why we like to offer products that are fresh & whenever possible organic.

Our Energy Balls, Protein Balls and Raw Cakes are a perfect example; they are made to order and using organic cashews.

Why wouldn’t you want to eat something that is delicious and also vibrant?

We have many more products, you can find them all on our online shop, check them out!

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