Honey Substitutes

Today we wanted to talk about substitutions for honey:

Did you know that it takes between 6 and 12 bees their WHOLE lifetime to produce ONE tablespoon of honey?

If you are looking for something natural to sweeten your food, you can try any of the alternatives below:

Maple Syrup, this honey substitute is nutrient-rich, high in antioxidants, and has the ability to fight inflammation in the body! It also has a lower glycemic index when compared to regular sugar.

Date Paste, dates are a healthy source of vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and even protein – with 0.9 gram of protein packed into every ¼ cup of dates! To make the paste, you can follow this simple recipe.

Coconut Sugar or Syrup, definitely our substitution of choice! One of the healthiest natural, liquid sweetener options out there, it is made from the sap of coconut blossom stems. Coconut sugar is not only high in nutrients but also rates relatively low on the glycemic index. Surprisingly, coconut sugar does not taste strongly of coconut and is more similar in taste to molasses. If you’re still not sold on this healthy honey substitute, coconut sugar is high in minerals, vitamins, and contains all nine essential amino acids!
When baking, simply replace honey, measure-for-measure, with this perfect alternative.

Get it here.

Are you looking for more alternatives, read more about them here.

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