It is a matter of lifestyle

I’ve been always thinking that exercise would outwork my horrible lifestyle, that my 3 to 4 gym and yoga sessions a week (still pretty exceptional for a Shanghainese) were all I needed to keep my body healthy and young.

It was until I finally managed to quit smoking and realized that I am not that attracted to alcohol anymore that I realized how much better I feel; it is not only the losing that annoying Shanghai cough, the stairs climbing gasping, the hangovers, the bad breath, the smelling clothes, the outdoor breaks in the cold, the yellow fingers, the black teeth, the yellow skin and the general fatigues feeling but also give up that feeling of being unhealthy and have to quit one day.

This picture represents so much for me; it is a matter of lifestyle and WANTING to change. I been honestly thinking it was not possible for me to quit the cigarettes and the weekends madness but with the right advises and influences around me it has been a walk in the park. Nothing is difficult when you really want it.

25. It is a matter of lifestyle


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