That’s way too close…

So I recently started a new Sunday activity with a friend of mine, it’s called FREE YOGA! What does it mean?! Well, I just simply set up initial trial classes for us in Shanghai’s yoga studios around town. So far so good, she’s is enjoying this new activity, I get to see new studios and try new classes. We are getting closer as friends.

However, we both got VERY disappointed yesterday when attended Y+ detox flow class at Fuxing Lu studio; not for the class, it was brilliant, actually – a slow and relaxed hot Ashtanga class I would say – but for the space. A long, tight room that I would never design as something different from a bright corridor, with a mirror on one side and 2 lines of 12 yoga mat each. No, wait, 13, thanks to the late student that made us all squeeze in a little bit more. There were literally 5 fingers (or less) of space from yoga mat to yoga mat. Ok, I know I have been spoiled by the enormous room in Shanghai Bikram Yoga Studio, but I thought I saw it all at Yoga Space.

Well, this was worse! At least at Yoga Space the main room is big and the small room is dedicated to hot yoga only (this yoga can be easily performed in the 12 square feet taken up by the yoga mat cause all the movements are parallel).

But this… wow.. So, when asked what I thought about the class and if I wanted to see the membership prices (that are the highest in Shanghai, btw), I couldn’t refrain to express my frustration in the arrangement of the mats. Alright, it was a free class for me, but that was the actual situation for members too.. The clever answer from the staff was: ‘the room is small’ and you should have seen his face when I said: ‘You know you could put less mats, right?’

Anyway, this made me start a bit of a research on regulations on distance between mats and so far I didn’t find any. Just a lot of etiquette rules for the students; but what about studio’s?

45. That's way too close...



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