La Holista for Mandala Juice Pre & Post Cleanse Guide Menu

A new initiative with our partner Mandala Juice to get the most out of their juice detox!
Don’t forget that pre-detoxing and post-detoxing are essential for your body’s health and for better detox results.
Here are some suggestions on what to eat to feel at your best while juicing.

– You should always allow your body to cleanse before and after a fast by eliminating animal foods, processed foods, and then, step by step, any food that can be hard to digest.

– You should never enter a cleanse after having heavy food the day before, and the first things you eat after a cleanse should always be light and full of nutrients.
– Follow La Holista’s Pre & Post Cleanse Guide Menu for specific ideas; click on the image to enlarge and right click ‘Save’ to download.
La Holista for Mandala Juice

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