La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls Q&A


If you haven’t hopped on this trend yet, Energy Balls are small, Ping-Pong ball-sized snacks that pack a seriously big punch when you need it the most.

Depending on your taste buds and what you are aiming for, you can pick from our 4 different flavours: Cacao and Matcha for a kick of energy, Coconut for evening snack, and Protein Sports Balls for extra energy whilst exercising and for post-workout recovery.

With just a handful of natural ingredients, these balanced crunchy bites satisfy your sweet tooth and nutritional needs in only 150kcal per ball.

Pack a couple in your bag at the beginning of the day, and pop them as a snack between lunch and dinner.

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How should I use La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls?

  • Energy Balls: ideal for AM and PM pre-workout.

Packed with nutrients and balanced in macros, these balls will help you fuel up fast right before your workout.

Skip the coffee, and opt for Cacao Energy Balls and Matcha Energy Balls instead: dates give these balls a sweet taste without added sugar or grains, while almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds pack them with fiber and protein. The result is a portable snack that keeps you going for hours since, while glycogen is used for short and high-intensity bouts of exercise, it’s fat that becomes the source of fuel for longer and moderate-to-low-intensity exercise.

  • Protein Sports Balls: ideal during and after workout.

Ideal as intra and post-workout nibble, these balls are perfect for endurance athletes and active lifestyle lovers. Use them during long rides or runs as a substitute to energy gels or to speed up your recovery after a workout, on the road or at the gym. During exercise, your body’s glycogen stores are used as fuel, and consuming high quality carbs, mixed with an easily digested source of protein helps replenish them.

Consuming high glycemic carbs like dates within 30 minutes after a workout results in proper glycogen resynthesis and helps with immediate recovery. Your body’s ability to rebuild glycogen and protein is enhanced after you exercise. For this reason, it is recommended that you consume a combination of carbs and protein as soon as possible after exercising.


How many La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls should I eat in a day?

This depends on your sex, weight, height, activity level and goals. You can calculate your Basic Metabolic Rate and your Total Daily Energy Expenditure online and include these great snacks accordingly.

  • If your goal is to lose weight, these nibbles can help you keep full between meals while at the same time making you eat less at lunch and dinner. Having yummy snacks that are healthy on hand when following a weight loss plan is essential. Remember, every ball is 150kcal, so you can plan your other meals around this number. If you’d like to learn more about it, you might be interested in using MyFitnessPal app in which all our products are listed.
  • If your goal is to sustain your activity level at the gym, use the Energy Balls 60 to 30 minutes before your workout and Protein Sports Balls within 30 minute after your workout.
  • For endurance athletes, you can substitute those expensive and chemical energy gels with La Holista’s Protein Sports Balls. With almost 17 grams of carbs, you should consume one ball every 45 minutes, starting from your 60th minute onwards (on workouts longer than 75 minutes). Don’t forget to replenish your glycogen right after exercising with one extra ball.


Do La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls contain added sugar?

No, we sweeten all our balls with high quality dates. Dates are naturally really sweet but also pack plenty of fiber so these snacks will never make your energy crash after only a short time like refined sugar does.


How can they be so yummy and sweet, and at the same time be good for you?

We worked hard on those recipe combinations to find the best flavours and we only use the best quality ingredients including unroasted cashews, California’s natural almonds and pumpkin seeds, unsweetened and unsalted peanuts, middle East’s dates, coconut flakes and cacao.


Can I have them at any time of the day?

Cacao Energy Balls and Matcha Energy Balls contain natural caffeine from cacao and macha respectively so they are better if consumed earlier in the day.

Coconut Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls can be consumed any time of the day.


Are La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. We take pride in producing cruelty-free products only and our foods never contain meat, fish, milk, butter, egg or honey. We list ALL ingredients on our labels so you know exactly what you get when buying our products.


Are La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls suitable for special dietary needs?

Yes. These products are also ideal for lactose-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, yeast-free, MSG-free, Paleo and low-carb diets.


Where should I keep La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls?

La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls can be kept at room temperature for up to 3 months from manufacturing – check the date at the back of the pack – for example, in your office drawer or gym bag (make sure there are no ants around if the packet has been opened).

Many people like to eat them fresh from the fridge and even from the freezer, but be careful as they will become harder and might hurt your teeth.


Can I travel with La Holista’s Energy Balls and Protein Sports Balls?

Absolutely, we created a product that is lightweight, completely sealed, and can pass through airport security. Make sure you put them on top so they will not get mashed.

Bringing your own snacks on your travels will save you plenty of time and money, not to mention that this will help you keep on track with your fitness and health goals.


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  1. Hi Chiara,

    I was wondering if you had any coco energy balls that are nut free. I can have coconut, but not other nuts.

    Kind regards,


    • Dear Maryam,

      our nut free products are Oat Cookies, Mango Chips, Banana Chips and Classic Hummus, all our Energy Balls contain nuts but if you wanted, we can make some only with seeds, are you allergic to those?

      Please let me know so i can do a cost calculation for you.

      Chiara Squinzi

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