Magnesium Healing Properties

So, lately I’ve found myself divoring the book Ultramind solution, written by Mark Hyman, M.D., promoter of Fuctional Medicine. You may want to check some details here.

Mr. Hyman approach on problems is innovative and provides you with a new way to detoxify and take care of your body that will lead you to a clear mind and way of thinking.

Among the others, i have discovered the power of Magnesium; it is impressive the benefits of this mineral:

1. Better sleep – Melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. is disturbed when Magnesium is deficient.

2. Relaxes the nervous system – Serotonin, which relaxes the nervous system and elevates mood, is dependent on Magnesium.

3. Bigger, stronger muscles – Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), which is a major contributor to the growth and strength of muscles, are produced more under the influence of Magnesium.

4. Better flexibility – Lactic acid, which doesn’t allow the muscles to relax properly and promotes cramps, builds up with low Magnesium.

5. Bone integrity and strength – Calcium and Calcitonin are promoted by Magnesium that makes them fix to the bones. Magnesium also suppresses a hormone called parathyroid that breaks down bone.

6. Remineralizes teeth – Phosphorous and calcium in saliva are unhealthy balanced when Magnesium is deficient.

7. Alkalizes the body – The body’s pH balance is restored by Magnesium.

8. Hydrates – Proper hydration is promoted by the essential electrolyte Magnesium is.

9. Helps to relieve constipation – Toxins in the bowel are cleansed by Magnesium.

10. Enzyme function – Enzymes are protein molecules that stimulate every chemical reaction in the body. Magnesium is required to make hundreds of these enzymes work and assists with thousands of others.

11. Diabetes – Insulin secretion, which facilitates sugar metabolism, is enhanced by Magnesium; without it, glucose is not able to transfer into cells, so glucose and insulin build up in the blood, causing various types of tissue damage, including the nerves in the eyes.

The following foods are the top 10 foods rich in Magnesium:

1: Bran (Rice, Wheat, and Oat)

Rice bran: 781mg (195% DV) per 100 grams

Wheat bran: 611mg (153% DV) per 100 grams

Oat bran: 235mg magnesium (59% DV) per 100 grams

2: Dried Herbs

Dried corriender: 694mg (174% DV) per 100 grams

Dried Chives: (160% DV)

Dried Spearmint: (151% DV)

Dried Dill: (112% DV)

Dried Sage: (107% DV)

Dried Basil: (106% DV)

Dried Savory: (95% DV)

3: Squash, Pumpkin, and Watermelon Seeds

Squash and pumpkin: 535 mg (134% DV) per 100 grams

Watermelon seeds: 515mg (129% DV) of magnesium per 100 grams

4: Cocoa Powder (Dark Chocolate)

Cocoa powder: provides 499mg (125% DV) per 100 grams

Dark baking chocolate: 327mg (82% DV) per 100 grams

Typical chocolate candy bar: 63mg (16% DV) per 100 grams

5: Flax, Sesame Seeds, and Sesame Butter (Tahini)

Flax seeds: 392mg (92% DV) per 100 grams

Sesame seeds: 351mg (88% DV) per 100 grams

Sesame butter (tahini): 362mg per 100 grams

6: Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts: 376mg (94% DV) per 100 grams

7: Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds: 325mg (81% DV) per 100 grams

8: Almonds and Cashews (Mixed nuts, Pine Nuts)

Almonds: 286mg (72% DV) per 100 grams serving

Cashews: 273mg (68% DV) per 100 grams

Pine nuts: 251mg (63% DV) per 100 grams

Mixed nuts: 251 mg (63% DV) per 100 grams

9: Molasses

Molasses: 242mg (61% DV) per 100 grams

10: Dry Roasted Soybeans (Edamame)

Dry roasted soybeans: 228mg (57% DV) per 100 grams

Boiled edamame: 64mg (16% DV)per 100 grams

The optimal RDAs of Magmesium are:

300 mg for young women

350 mg for young men

400 mg for 15- to 18-year-old boys

450 mg for pregnant and lactating women

therefore, you may want to consider adding Magnesium supplements to your diet; the best way is to split the dosage in two times per day, once with breakfast and once with dinner.

1. Magnesium Healing Properties

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