Policy on Information Confidentiality

1.1    The purpose and scope of information COLLECTION

La Holista Co., Ltd. acknowledges and respects the confidential information of individuals who login into La Holista Co., Ltd.’s website. This policy covers the personal information that La Holista Co., Ltd. and its franchisees are holding and presenting in a way that La Holista Co., Ltd. and its franchisees want to use, manage and protect personal information of the Customer when the Customer login into La Holista’s Co., Ltd.’s website or place an order through La Holista Co., Ltd.’s website.

La Holista Co., Ltd. preserves the right to revise this confidential policy from time to time whenever deemed necessary, so please visit the website regularly to stay informed of any updates. This confidential policy takes effect from May 2016.

La Holista Co., Ltd. may collect personal information from the Customer including name, address, phone number and mobile phone number, email address, and any other information if you agree to provide us with such information. When the Customer use the online ordering system, the Customer will be requested to answer additional information. Such information enables the delivery of products to the Customer’s place more quickly and easily. The online order placing system will also store information about orders of the Customer to facilitate the Customer to remember and re-order the menu for the following transaction.

If La Holista Co., Ltd. collects personal information of the Customer from someone else, La Holista Co., Ltd. will implement the reasonable steps to notify the Customer.

The Customer will be responsible by his/her self for security and keep the service use under the registered name, password, and email box. In addition, the Customer will have responsibility to promptly notify the website laholista.com of behaviors of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of confidentiality, retain the registered name and password of third parties to take appropriate remedial measures.

1.2    Information use

La Holista Co., Ltd. may use personal information provided by the Customer and process such information to provide goods and services to the Customer. As normal practice, we will use the personal information in the way as maybe desired by the Customer, including but not limited to, any purpose as follows:

•  Introduction and offer of food, the latest promotions to the Customer or information about products and services that La Holista Co., Ltd. thinks beneficial to the Customer.

•  Confirmation of Order or confirmation of Customer registration status.

•  Sending notices on information exchange activities between the Customer and the website laholista.com.

•  Prevention of the destructive activities of the user accounts of the Customer or anonymous activities in name of the Customer.

•  Contact, provide the Customer with any information about the company which could be requested by the Customer and deal with the Customer in special cases.

•  Determine the number of the Customer accessing the La Holista Co., Ltd.’s website.

•  Notify The Customer on changes of La Holista Co., Ltd.’s website.

•  Manage the marketing research campaigns.

•  Non usage of personal information of the Customer for purposes other than confirmation and contact involving to transactions the website laholista.com.

1.3    Share of information

La Holista Co., Ltd. will not provide any personal identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties for their use in marketing directly to the Customer. La Holista Co., Ltd. may use the related companies for the operation and maintenance of the website or for other purposes related to the business activities, and such companies may receive information of the Customer to carry out the aforesaid requests. La Holista Co., Ltd. reserves the right to disclose personal information of the Customer in some circumstances as so requested by the government agencies for the purpose of investigation or other requirements as prescribed by the law.

The personal information that the Customer have registered on the La Holista Co., Ltd.’s website may be disclosed to third parties:

•   These suppliers hired by us to provide some services such as mailing to the Customer.

•   To meet the goal of the Customer when registering personal information.

•   If the Customer agrees to share such personal information.

•   If the Government requests to share such personal information.

•   If the personal information of the Customer have been collected by marketing units, then it will be provided to such marketing units for the purpose of marketing and research.

1.4    Time for information storage

Personal data of the Customer will be stored until a request for cancellation or the Customer login by himself/herself to perform the cancellation. Otherwise, in any case, the personal information of the Customer will be kept confidential on the server of laholista.com.

The Customer will have the right to do the self inspection, update, modification or cancelation of his/her personal information by logging into the account and edit his/her personal information or request laholista.com to do so.

1.5    Address of the organization collecting and manage personal information

•    La Holista Co., Ltd.
•    Tax code/incorporation decision: 0313834797
•    Address: 22a Khu Phố 1, Đường Số 64 P. Thảo Điền, Quận 2, TP HCM •    Tel: 0127.
•    Email: [email protected] laholista.com

The Customer will have the right to appeal the Moderators of the website laholista.com . Upon receipt of such feedback, La Holista Co., Ltd. will confirm the information, and subject to accurate complain of The Customer, La Holista Co., Ltd. will timely take remedial measures, in according to the extent.

1.6    Commitment on non-disclosure of the Customer’s personal information

Personal information of the Customer on laholista.com is committed by laholista.com for strict confidentiality under the policy on personal information protection of laholista.com . The collection and use of information of each Customer will only be done upon consent of the Customer, except as otherwise provided by the law.

We will not use, transfer, provide nor disclose to any third parties the personal information of the Customer without consent given by the Customer.

In case the hosting server is under attack by hacker which may cause the loss of personal data of the Customer, laholista.com  will have the responsibility to notice the matter to the relevant competent authorities for prompt investigation and timely settlement and advise the Customer of such events.

Strictly protect all information related to the online orders of the Customer including information of invoice, digitized accounting documents on laholista.com .

The Moderators of laholista.com will require the Customer being individuals registering/placing orders, to provide full concerned personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, phone …., and take responsible for the legality of such information. The Moderators of laholista.com assumes no responsibility and will not resolve all complaints relating to the rights of the Customer as it deems that all personal information initially provided by such Customer is incorrect.