Pre-Workout Meal

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘What should I eat before exercising’?

So here it is, guys.

In order to work your way trough a workout, yoga class, spinning class or run, you need fuel. Period. And food is your fuel.

So before your exercise, you should make sure to get in a meal of good carbs and protein.

Your protein sources can come from beans, nut butters (very fatty tho), egg whites, fish (e.g tilapia and tuna), chicken, turkey (vegetarians excluded), and protein powders (vegan alternatives available). For complex carbs, eat low-glycemic-index foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, brown rice cereals, quinoa, whole wheat / gluten-free bread, or sweet potatoes.

Fitness experts always suggests consuming this meal 60 to 90 minutes before exercise, this will allow enough time for digestion; trust me, you don’t want to slug your energy level because of it and you certainly don’t want to have that nasty feeling of being too full.

Although this is the perfect time if mentioned meal is a snack, 150 to 250 kcal (women / men), you may allow yourself up to 120 to 150 minutes if the meal was bigger, like breakfast or lunch. You stomach empties every 4 hours, so make sure you get an appropriate post-workout meal (which we will be discussing next week) with you at all times.

35. Pre-Workout Meal



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