Queuing at the gym (how to motivate yourself to morning workouts)

This weekend I saw one of the most pleasant scenes in a long time, it might mean nothing to you, but it made me smile and think about it for the whole day.

The gym around my corner opens at 9 am and today, when I was going to work around 8.45 am, I saw some local people queuing outside it, waiting to go in. This made me quite happy, thinking how amazing is it that, eventually, the healthy lifestyle is spreading out to even get people to wait for the gym to open…

They know it, morning exercise is great because:

– you will less likely skip it due to sudden changes of the day schedule

– you are going to start the day with the metabolism revved up

– you will focus better with less distractions

– you will enjoy an empty gym / yoga studio

– your level of serotonin will be up the whole day

I am very happy to be part of the health industry; it’s amazing to be able to motivate someone to feel better, so I decided to give you some tips on how to be ready to exercise in the morning too:

– go to bed early the night before so that you won’t feel tired in the morning and hit ‘snooze’

– wear your workout outfit or pack it in advance, and set up your music too

– position your bed to face east and let the natural light wake you up

– prepare your breakfast or a snack – the best choice is a mix of proteins and complex carbs

– get some natural caffeine from teas or cacao (not cocoa which is the process product)

– have a workout buddy so you can’t skip the workout

Here you are, you are welcome!

49. Queuing at the gym (how to motivate yourself to morning workouts)

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