“Radarange”… emh, I mean microwave

What if I told you that the microwave oven was a by-product of a radar-related research project and did not sell much until it changed its name from Radarange to Microwave?

Yes, around 1946 by Dr. Percy Spencer noticed that magnetron, a new vacuum tube, melted the candy bar in his pocket and was able to pop some popcorn kernels so he started his research on how to develop this product for the food industry.

However at the time he did not consider the negative effects of microwaving which is, technically, a form of food irradiation; although none of us would ever eat “irradiated” food, nowadays we have no hesitation about microwaving our leftovers on a daily basis.

Not only the microwaves disrupt or change human electrochemical, this ‘cooking’ method destroys the nutritional value of the food leaving us with a plate full of empty calories.
I hope this little truth will help you stop before opening the microwave door again and select the gas stove instead.


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