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DISCOUNTED!! Healthy Weekly Snack Pack



Product Description

ONLY 285,000 VND  (5% discount) – 10 snacks for the week, 2 snacks a day Monday to Friday

By pledging to eat more plant-based snacks you will be munching your way towards a healthier body, a more sustainable planet and a more compassionate lifestyle.

La Holista is here to support you with 10 snacks for the week, 2 snacks a day Monday to Friday.

  • 1 PACK OF PROTEIN SPORTS BALLS (5 servings of 150kcal)
  • 1 PACK OF ENERGY BALLS – CACAO, MATCHA OR COCONUT (2 servings of 150kcal) – please indicate your flavour in the Order Notes box upon checkout
  • 1 PACK OF RAW MANGO CHIPS (1 serving of 150kcal)
  • 1 PACK OF OAT COOKIES (2 servings of 150kcal)




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