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Selected Suppliers: ACTIVATED Natural Unsweetened Almonds (100 grams)



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Ingredients: Activated Natural Unsweetened Almonds

Almonds are a fantastic source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to protect against oxidative stress, which can damage molecules in cells and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer.

Almonds are among the world’s best sources of vitamin E, with just one ounce providing 37% of the recommended daily intake. Several studies have linked higher vitamin E intake with lower rates of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Activated nuts have been soaked in water and salt for a period of time, which starts off the germination or sprouting process, then dehydrated at a low temperature. Soaking increases the nutrient value of the nuts along with breaking down the problematic compounds that help enhance their digestibility.

Shelf life: 3 months. Can be stored at room temperature.

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Weight 100 g


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