Stretch those legs

First of all, apologies for the absence of posts these past weeks; it’s pretty damn hard when your internet connection depends on a free wireless called 888 that works approximately 12 minutes a day… Anyway, now I am all set and can start posting health tips for you again!

Tomorrow is December 2nd, which for some of you doesn’t mean much but for those who are running the Shanghai marathon or half marathon like me, it’s a pretty important day. This is one of the reasons why what I want to share with you today is the importance of stretching.

When you end up running for longer than a movie, you realize that your legs shall be treated with care too! Since I always had doubts on how to stretch correctly too, I though it would be nice to share this amazing and simple document that will help you to stretch after a strenuous run or any other legs workout.

Hope you like it!

19. Stretch those legs

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