The responsibility of media and advertisement in health crisis

The more information I gather in the field of healthy living, the more I get angry about the horrible role media and advertisment (on top of the nasty big companies) have in the health crisis we are going through. Extreme bombardment of misleading advertisement and wrong information about unhealthy products and fast-food chains are hiding the truth about serious health problems these products are causing.

Sometimes I wish advertisement was a little more like this one about c*ca-c*la.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can do, with my little voice, is to share the information I have gathered during these past years and let you create your own opinion. The number of people who gives a sh*t is actually increasing and some folks made great documentaries and movies about what’s going on behind our backs.

Nothing boring, just watch these movies and make your own opinion. They are free!

Food Matters

Food Inc

Forks Over Knives



Meet Your Meat (not for delicate eyes)

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


44. The responsibility of media and advertisement in health crisis

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