What’s a Raw Cake?

Today we wanted to talk about raw cakes.

Have you ever heard of a cake that makes you beautiful?
As we know, beauty comes from inside out. What you put into your body will reflect on your skin, hair and nails.

How great would it be if we could have a dessert that did that for us?!

Raw cakes are made only with raw ingredients and without refined flours, sugars, preservatives and colorants, only using wholesome ingredients, and they can provide a lot of nutrition for our bodies.

This is why we created the two most loved cakes with classic flavours in a raw version:

Double Chocolate Cake
& Carrot Cake

But… we have a new exciting flavour on the way, so stay tuned!!!

These cakes are great as a morning pick-me-up or even as a delicious breakfast. You won’t believe these cake are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!

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