Why do so many people love yoga?

As so many forms of exercise enter and leave the health world as the latest trend, it seems as though yoga only gains loyal followers. Why is it so addicting? Yoga offers a variety of benefits from physical to mental. It can actually rewire your brain! Here are some other reasons why people love yoga.

  1. Improves flexibility

Flexibility is a key part of maintaining good health and avoiding injury as you age. Stretching your body in the diverse range of yoga poses will improve overall flexibility, especially in 3 of your major muscle groups: hamstrings, hips and shoulders. These areas are more prone to tightness from sitting for long periods of time and even running! So it’s important to loosen them up to solve and prevent physical pain.

  1. Builds strength & Increases muscle tone, definition

If you think yoga cannot help you build strength, think again. Many yoga poses require you to bear your body-weight in new and challenging ways. According to Ceasar F. Barajas, yoga instructor and Aaptiv trainer, regular yoga practice is a great way to build, lengthen muscle and tone the body. Barajas shares his top 5 yoga poses when it comes to building muscle and gaining strength.

  1. Supports joint health

            Not all yoga practices involve headstands and impossible-looking postures. Gentle yoga movements are low impact, which allow you to use your joints without risk of injury. Yoga also strengthens muscles around the joints, which lessens their load. There is a practice for every body, and every purpose!

  1. Teaches us how to breathe properly and fosters mental calmness

Most of us take shallow breaths which can negatively impact our overall health. Shallow breathing heightens anxiety, leads to several cardiovascular problems and worsens respiratory issues. This habit can even negatively impact your posture and can lead to neck and back pain, and headaches. Yoga teaches you the practice of deep, mindful breathing. When you mindfully take deeper breaths, you can lower your heart rate, improve your blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

  1. Boosts self confidence

Yoga connects your mind and body. You gain greater awareness of your body when you practice yoga regularly. During every session, you must work on little, subtle movements in order to improve your poses. By doing so, you also work on your discipline, patience, and calmness, and becoming more self-aware. The more self-aware you are, the more likely you are to reach self-acceptance. This encourages you to treat yourself with more love and respect. Yoga also encourages gratitude, a selfless act which influences catharsis and reciprocity and plays a crucial role in your overall well-being.


To sum up, people become hooked on their yoga practices for a variety of reasons. And it has so much more to offer than fun photos of cool poses, too. Yoga is a good workout which also dives deep into the mind-body connection in a way most other forms of exercises do not. It’s no wonder people love it!